Monday, January 26, 2009

What I Know (Now that I'm Older)

- Tan underwear may be practical for wearing under white pants, but they ain't sexy.
- When you live in the Forest Hills/Ada area, the likelihood that your child will have a play date with the child of your husband's urologist (aka - vasectomy doc) is highly probable.
- You can feel skinny and the scale still knows the truth.
- Your tail bone will hurt if you go sledding AND you're over 30.
- Some kids are easier to like than others. I know this from my own kids and from countless play dates and school visits watching others.
- Eating dessert every night and saying you're on a diet is nonsensical.
- When your gym instructor wears a sports bra to teach a class in you can either be offended because it's inappropriate, or just jealous because her boobs don't jiggle.


Lynn said...

I think I can relate to almost all of those except the urologist one..funny! I see you're working on your teacher certification. If you need a quick 3 credits, let me know. I'm taking a 3 credit weekend class next month (Sat/Sun). Easiest 3 credits you'll ever do. I've taken one from him before and the instructor is awesome!

amy said...

I love me some tan panties!! Hee Hee! You know they do have some cute tan panties at Victoria Secrets!! Just FYI!! Have a great trip! We will be praying for you!!

Brenda said...

FB is sucking your blog dry....

Julie said...

I agree with the last comment---we still read your blog---so UPDATE!
please :)

Amanda said...

Whatever happened to "I blog for comments"? Um, people are commenting, but you're not blogging!