Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stage Fright

I love this video for so many reasons. The first being the first three seconds I started taping before I realized my kid was crying and looking like he was in serious pain. I then quickly turned off the camera, started making goofy faces at him, and called his teacher over to give him some love. The rest of the program went on without a hitch (on his part but tears came to the adorable girl on his right so she went to the teacher's side to sing.) I also love the way Mrs. Boot (Zach's teacher) talks to the kids and the kids' incredibly sweet voices. And the last thing I love is that my kid has rhythm (check out his clapping) and that when he claps, he must stick his tongue out of his mouth.

I have changed most, if not all of my expectations of what my child should do up on stage from child #1 to child #3. I know not every kid loves to be the center of attention with 60 pairs of adult eyes staring at them while they "perform." And I know that some of the best moments come when you least expect it. (Like when Zach kept telling me the whole ride home how much he loved me. I think he needed some bolstering after the performance.)

O.K. the quality of the video isn't great (not sure why ... still playing around with both the new camera and iMovie) but trust me when I say, the first three seconds were priceless!

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