Tuesday, March 23, 2010

From Deep to Fluffy

  • If malted milk balls were nutritious, I would be ridiculously healthy.  Easter candy is delicious.
  • If my life feels like a work out everyday, why must I work out?
  • I weighed myself before and after a spin class and in a time period of just 50 minutes I lost four pounds.  This tells you two things; I sweat profusely while exercising and I'm seriously dehydrated for the rest of that day.
  • I can no longer wear my favorite jeans because I went down a pants size (thanks spin) and so I bought my favorite jeans in a size down and they are waaaaaay too long.  Curious.  Tall goes with skinny like peanut butter goes with jelly I guess.
  • I just texted my husband that I love life so much because I love him so much.  He is the best!  Well, except for his little Super Mario Bros. on the Wii addiction but otherwise, he really is top notch.
  • Speaking of which, if I could give college girls some dating advice I would recommend that you find a man who loves Jesus, makes you laugh and enjoys cooking.  I don't know how women cook everyday.  You deserve a medal ladies, like everyday.
  • I am reading "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan and "Crave" by Chris Tomlinson for two Bible studies this spring and I'm feeling very uncomfortable in my comfortable Christian life.  I would love to know what God has in store for me and our family.
  • Speaking of that, I have a teaching degree, certificate and no job.  I would love to work part-time in an inner school district.  That would definitely challenge my comfort, I think.
  • And if Starburst jelly beans were nutritious, I would be really, really healthy.


Brenda said...

I feel oddly similar to you in many ways...phenom hubby who cooks, love malted milk balls (i.e. all candy), just about to START Crazy Love in our small group, have always felt "wrong" about how content I feel, and last but sadly, not least...no down sizing here...yet. That's a must, soon...someday...soon...

Bradi said...

I'm reading Crazy Love too! and if the Cadbury Mini Eggs (in the purple bag) were nutritious I'd be...well...uber-healthy!
(miss you & book club long time, btw)
Oh and P.S. to both you and Brenda. I cook everyday AND plan all the meals...you both mildly suck...stop rubbing it in!

Sonny said...

Laurie . . . I am right where you are girl!

1. I've read Crazy Love . . . and I'm ready to change life around so I can keep finding new ways to live like and love like Jesus did. I'm ready to turn life up-side-down. Tired of living a status quo life . . . ready to be extraordinary!

2. My current candy obsession: malted milk ball "eggs" . . . that I purchased to look fun and seasonal in a lovely little crystal container . . . but that's empty before I know it . . . because of the kids? Nope . . . because of me.

3. I too have my teaching license and time to work part time (I quit my job at church). What to team teach? I'm ready! Let's make a difference together!

4. I have a hubby who is my BFF AND he's an amazing cook! Love it!

Sounds like we should get together for coffee soon . . .