Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Heart Is Full

I continue to be amazed at how my heart can swell with love for my children and then two days later swell with sadness for someone going through a loss.  Really.  Isn't this the most fascinating, devastating and wonderful thing about being a human being?  Our capacity to love one another, hate one another, sympathize with each other and truly feel a whole range of emotions all within our little 'ole chest.  I've had one of those weeks.  The week began with a birthday lunch for my oldest daughter.  She was positively delightful.  (I know that sounds like an old lady word but I'm using it people.  When I start calling things "precious" then you can get concerned.)  Paige was giddy, excited and super animated as we sat across from each other eating our oh-so-delicious-Yesterdogs.  She kept thanking me for the lunch and her polite manners really made me think that maybe I don't all together stink at this mom thing.  After lunch we headed over to do a little antique shopping at Eastown Antiques and her shopping savvy and little comments made me feel like we were girlfriends just hanging out for the afternoon.  I drove away from her school with a full, full heart and I thanked God for the gift of my little girl who is growing up to be such a wonderful young woman.  (I sound old again, don't I?  Calling someone a "young person" is a sure sign I think.)

Then this morning I hear of a friend who is going through a loss.  Today.  And my heart is full.  Full of sadness for the loss of a dream; the hope of something new.  These heart-wrenching and extreme changes in our plans leave us feeling full and empty at the same time.  And that really is the beautifully tragic thing about being a human being.


MiniMe Mom said...

I hear you. Life is such a cycle of ups and down's, isn't it? One minute I am flying high and feeling good, and the next sadness sweeps over me.

MiniMe Mom said...

Beautiful pix, BTW

Angel said...

Perfectly said! Thanks for sharing.