Friday, April 23, 2010

I Promise

There are many things I wish for my children and some serious promises that me & their dad made when we became parents.  This list isn't it.  :)  These are promises that pop into my head as I think about raising my two daughters.  (Sorry Zach; hopefully dad is making some sort of list for you too.  I'm sure it involves Home Depot and the proper way to spit.  Wait, I may have to teach you that last one.)  

Dear Paige and Zoey,

  1. I promise to never make you get a perm.  And with this promise let me just add, I will never get out the photo albums of your teen years when we have company over.
  2. I promise to talk to you about your period.  (Period.)
  3. I promise to never poo-poo your "friend problems".  They feel huge, I get that.  And even though I never talk to any friends from late elementary school or middle school, I know that this is an important part of your social development.
  4. I promise to encourage your sense of style.  Even if that means you've clipped a braid across your head and you look like you've just walked out of a thrift store.
  5. I promise to not giggle while we have the sex talk.  (Like I did the last time.)
  6. I will not compare you to your sister in either physical appearance or personality.  This is a tough one because it's natural to notice differences in your children.  I promise to try however.
  7. I promise to not label you.  This goes with #6 but I just want you to know that your "box" is flexible, stretchy and will change as you change.
  8. I promise to let you borrow your Dad's sweaters to wear to school if that style comes back.  (Dear God, please let this style come back.)
  9. I promise to call you when you're a new mom and demand that you go to Starbucks by yourself while I watch the baby.
  10. I promise to love you.  Always.

Love Mom


Amy said...

Thanks awesome!! I think I will have to start a promise list for Kali! I'm sure Truman wishes that Shane would come up with ways not to embarrass him!! OH the joys of being a Freshman with the dorkiest parents in the world!!

Parenting in blue jeans said...

Oh, I was laughing after reading #8scanned through #9 still chuckling over 8 then had this horid hick-up catch in my throat and cried for #10. A sure sign that I should not make any major decisions emotional.

Love the list!

Kristen said...

Just caught up on your're rad. Can I borrow this list? And by borrow, I mean, take and pretend I wrote it for Grace? HeHe!