Monday, April 19, 2010

Why I Love Men

O.K. the title of this post is a little strange and I'm thinking that maybe I should change it.  Nah.  Here are some reasons why I find men (grandpas, dads, husbands, brother-in-laws, nephews) so darn endearing.

  1. They grow out a beard for playoff season and refuse to shave until their team loses.  It doesn't matter that their wife & kids find it to be hideous; it's there until the fat lady sings.
  2. They cannot hear the children in the car calling their name, or screaming, and/or singing at the top of their lungs.  Seriously?  This is a gift or a curse depending on who you are in the car.
  3. They will give you a kiss right after you tell them your breath is bad.  Because let's face it ladies, we hear that and we are backing that kissing bus right up.
  4. They can and will re-wear underwear.
  5. They can lift heavy things.
  6. They borrow shoes for big events.  No need to shop when you have a family member who wears the same size.
  7. They know how to work the grill.
  8. They rarely cry but when they do it is one of the sweetest things you've ever witnessed.
  9. You know you will always smell prettier than them.
  10. And finally, because they are simply honest and most of the time uncomplicated.  God bless 'em for not using subtlety to try and tell you what they want.  (FYI:  it's a big screen t.v.)


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thediaperdiaries said...

Love it. And agree with almost all of it. But my hubby will cry at things way before me. I think I might not have a soul ;)