Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Alright folks ... the two of you that are reading my blog! :) Here is a picture of my hubby Jeff and I in Florida on vacation(minus kids - that's why we are smiling.) I was telling someone that I thought blogs were kind of a strange thing and he likened them to a family Christmas letter you receive every day. Christmas letters vary from the really funny, to the basic info. about the family, or the ones I will label TTMI (totally too much information.) I hope if I continue blogging my entries will fall into the funny category more than the TMI one! :)


TeSlaa said...

You are so cool Laurie. Thanks for blogging. You just made my day. BTW, cute picture :)

Bradi said...

Welcome to the blogging world...I too was hesitant to start my own and now I am addicted. You are in my "favorites" now so I am expecting greatness! (just kidding)
Have fun with it.
Bradi (from book club)