Friday, April 21, 2006

My kids

These are my kiddos. In order to maintain their privacy I will just tell you they are my one P and two Z's! (1st initial of their names in case you are having trouble figuring that out.) They really are sweet kids ... except of course when they are fighting. I just found the first "diary" of sorts of my seven year old on a mini-notepad laying on the kitchen counter (I swear I wasn't snooping.) Now that she can write she spends a lot of time doing just that and I thought I would share with you a couple of her "entries." Please keep in mind, these are the exact order that they were written in.
#1 Z. you are a meany and you are a baby
#2 Dear God thanks for the world and me. amen.
#3 Z. your cute and sometimes disgust (ing) little baby.
#4 Dear Jesus thanks for the sun and my family.
#5 We might have stromboli tonight. YUCK.
#6 I want to dance like crazy.
#7 I love pizza.
#8 I am hungry.

That's real life in our house. We dance, laugh, and express ourselves sometimes a little too much! :)


TeSlaa said...

I love it! She is very expressive which is just adorable. TFS!

Bradi said...

TOO CUTE. That is definitely something you should secretly photocopy and tuck away for when she is older!

Joel and Brenda said...

Simply precious!