Thursday, June 29, 2006

IKEA here I come!

I sometimes wonder if anyone else loves IKEA as much as I do. I don't think so! Tomorrow my four older sisters, myself, and my mom are heading to Schaumburg, IL to relax, eat out, and of course, SHOP! I am really looking forward to this girls weekend away and after this little goof ball (see picture to the left) pushed his way out of his high chair today and spilled his whole bowl of Fruit Loops on the kitchen floor - I was ready to pack my bags! :) Five minutes later he decided to dump the fish food on the floor. Ahhh ... little boys. I love 'em but this mommy definitely needs a break. I'll try to contain myself at IKEA but, then again, maybe I should just cut loose like Stephanie did at the Pottery Barn Outlet. What is the magic number I need to stay under in order to maintain marital bliss Steph? :)

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WILL said...

Get that strange woman off your blog.I just happened to glance at this thing last nite without really thing and I saw "that" woman and wondered why she was on there and didn't think any more about it until my better half enlightened me.You know how we men are----looks good