Friday, June 02, 2006

All better!

Well, we did survive hand/foot/mouth and Zoey so far, is blister free. Unfortunately, we did pass off the fever to baby Ben (sister-in-laws youngest kiddo). Sorry Amy! Jeff's dad just had a heart surgery today and as he was being prepped he was told it was going to be a five or six hour surgery. News to him and thankfully, he didn't have time to stress out about it . He came through great and is now resting. Thanks for your prayers. Zoey turns the big 5 tomorrow and I just have to say that parenting her for the past five years has been joy - filled. She is such a fun kid and we hope that she never loses her fire and enthusiasm for life that seems to match her fiery red hair!

Wanted to share this picture of Zach in his tye-die shirt. Why is it that kids look so cute wearing it and adults look kind of ridiculous?

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