Tuesday, June 13, 2006

LOVE my family!

While I am on the "love theme" I thought I would post a couple pictures that were taken at a family birthday party. The five little kids are all FOUR in this picture. Yes, my four sisters and I all had a baby in one calendar year! WHOA BABY - love was in the air that year. :) And the picture with the absolute gob ton of kids is my parents picture of their 14 grandkids. We took that biblical mandate,"be fruitful and multiply" seriously! Two entries in two days ... wow ... don't expect any until next week when we are home from camping. We are heading to Young State Park on Lake Charlevoix - hope the water is not too cold!

In order of birthdays - June, August, February, May, & May

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TeSlaa said...

That is a LOT of kids! Have fun camping. Can't wait to join you next time!