Thursday, August 10, 2006

Time for a new DO

With the fast approaching arrival of fall, the new school year, and just because I get plain bored with my hair ... I have a new DO. I think my hairdresser gets a little excited each time I come in and say, "I am ready to try something different". She went a bit shorter in the back than I thought she would and when she saw that I kept getting quieter and quieter she got a little worried. Since I am so tactful, I said to this woman (who has devoted her life to cutting hair and making women feel better about themselves) "Oh, don't worry. It's just hair. It's fine. My hair grows fast." Nice huh? :) "Just hair"? It looks "fine"? I am sure I made her day with my compliments.

A Year in Review of my Hair: December - straight & med. length, July - long and curly, Mid August - Straight and short!!!


TeSlaa said...

Looks good to me :) BTW, 5:51 a.m. you posted. What the heck?

Bradi said...

Laurie...It's totally cute! I love it!
You're lucky to be able to pull off a short "do". I've tried it in the past and it's not a good look for me but I think you look FABULOUS!

Amy said...

Hey LP-
Looks great reminds me of some of your college doos. You did the same thing back then, lots of change!! Sara has been in town the last month, she says Hi! She and the four kids are pretending to be lyndenites, lots of fun but a little crazy. Jessie (baby sister) just had her 2nd, Josie Leanne. All is well. Kali is ready for bed, but I wanted to drop you a note. All my love to the family!! Tell Jeff HI!!
Take care!!