Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Things that make me Happy

1. Watching my daughter learn how to ride a two-wheeler on her own.
2. Hanging out with friends at the cottage (aka: "mansion by the sea") they rented.
3. Passing on my love of books to my kids.
4. Planning a get away with my husband and knowing I get to ride in the car without kids.
5. Hearing Zach "sing" the ABC song and it sounds like this ... uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh. But the tune is spot on!
6. Watching Zoey race around with the neigbors with her training wheels on.
7. Knowing that school will be starting in two weeks.
8. Waking to find that we have caught/killed another mouse. (O.K. happy may be too strong of a word for that one.)
9. My neighbor boy (former Abercrombie model) washing his car bare back. :)
10. You blogging nerds that read my blog and comment on it.
11. Watching Zach eat ice cream. And making daddy clean him up afterwards. (nice chocolate goatee huh?)


Amy said...

LP- Bloggin nerd huh??? You are probably right! But I will tell ya this has been a great way to keep in touch...so call me whatever you want, I'm gonna keep commenting!! LOL!!

Bradi said...

Oh my word, LOVE the chocolate goatee. Also love your "happy" list. Those are fun to write and read...I might have to copy you and do one soon. You have a great life! =)

Bradi said...

P.S. can you post the days and time that Mr Abercrombie "usually" washes his car? I might have to do a "random" drive-by! =)

TeSlaa said...

Great entry just forgot camping in pentwater with the coolest friends EVER. :) You have a good life. Enjoy it as you do "most" days.