Saturday, August 26, 2006

One FUN week!

Our last hurrah of summer began on Sunday when we headed out to a beautiful cottage in Holland and hung out with friends Dave & Kim and their two kiddos; Micah and Luke. After putting the kids to bed, we snuck out and went up on the dune overlooking Lake Michigan. The sunset was spectacular as was our entire stay at the "mansion by the sea". (Kim's mom's accurate description.) On Wednesday, just Jeff and I headed out to Birch Run for our big 10 year anniversary celebration. I know, Birch Run, not very romantic but I was given three choices; bed and breakfast in South Haven, Serenity Springs (the Te Slaa baby-making station!), or save money on the lodging and in my Dutch husband's words, "spend more money shopping". Game over ... we have a winner. :) We had a great time relaxing, shopping, and deciding our own schedule. I answered yes to all these questions: Have a drink before we head out to dinner. Late movie. Hot tub dip after the movie. Wake up and shop some more. At the last minute, go to a Tigers baseball game. Life without kids is so ... hmmm ... what is a good word for it? I will just stick with different. Very, very different.

Our final destination this week was to Binder Park Zoo with the kids in tow. They had so much fun and Zach was a trooper walking nearly a mile through the African Safari area. Feeding the giraffes was the highlight and spending some good 'ole family time.

Next week real life begins ... getting kids on the bus to school, making lunches, starting up Bible Study, coaching Zoey's AYSO soccer team, volunteering on the PTO, leading a Sunday night small group, and leading games every Wednesday night at church. I miss summer already. :(
CAPTIONS/Pic #1: "Good 'ole family fun". Pic #2: Zach using his non-verbals to say, "pick me up Daddy". And pic #3: Giraffe saying, "Feed me!"


Amy said...

Happy Anniversary!! I was at that wedding 100 years ago. You have such a beautiful family. And Yes and amen, adventures with out very different!!

TeSlaa said...

Sounds just perfect! Love those late summer fun trips.