Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Best Quotes from our Trip

"Your belly is HUGE." (Said by Jeff to his sister Amy who was 9 months pregnant.)

"You are the only man that could ever get away with saying that to me." (Brothers get special priveleges I guess.)

"Wow, you should be a priest." (Said by Paige to Uncle Doug after a very lengthy and wordy prayer.)

"I think I would rather be a pastor." (After all, he does have five kids & one wife.)

"I never knew I would sleep with so many people after I was married." (Said by me this morning after 2/3 of my children came in and out of my bed all night last night.)


Amy said...

Hey Lp- Thanks for the prayers! I just can't believe it! She was so amazing and her kids meant everything to her. The twins (boy and girl) are not even two yet!! Still not sure what happened! Unbelievable!!

Triplet Mom said...

I was given a "Wide Load" sign. I guess I was open to remarks with my pregnancy!

Michelle said...

Wow, I just read Amy's post on her friend. What a sad story - and you're right, that's not supposed to happen in our advanced medical country. I will be praying for this family. What a tragedy!

Very cute quotes. Glad you had a good time! I'm bummed that nobody joined me in harassing you while you were gone. I guess going away on spring break is a good choice. : )

Sara said...

Hey Laurie
I finally updated my blog and so I thought I would brouse around on everyone elses. I sounds like you had a great trip. Your kids are adorable and they are bound to have amazing personalities.....with you and Jeff that would be a ball of laughs!
Have a great day!

TeSlaa said...

Great comments :)