Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tagged Again

I've been tagged by my friend Stephanie to tell 6 things that people may not know about me. Hmmmm ... I am pretty much an open book (can you say TMI?) so this might take some deep thinking.

  1. I was offered a scholarship to play DI softball after my sophmore year at Calvin & after a summer trip with Athletes in Action to Russia. My AIA coach was the head coach at East Carolina University (down in North Carolina) and told me she was looking for good softball players who also had Christian values (meaning : not a lesbian.) I turned it down because I didn't want to leave my family, my current boyfriend (who incidentally dumped me that fall) and because I was just plain nervous about moving.
  2. I planted an entire vegetable garden and ten flats of flowers while eight months pregnant with my second daughter. All future pregnancies would involve bed rest - FUN, FUN!
  3. I am on the PTO at my kid's school and will be the Vice President next year & the President the following year. I think it is an amazing group of selfless women (and one gentleman) but still never envisioned myself on the board. And yes, you may call me Madame President.
  4. I was a rather poor R.A. in college. Boys in my room after curfew - yep. Low attendance at dorm events by myself - yep. Never drinking one drop of alcohol until I turned 21 and then coming home to my dorm room smelling like it - yep. (This one is kind of embarrassing.)
  5. I have three moles in one arm pit. Yuck.
  6. I sweat more than my husband.

I tag Amy, Chelle, and Brenda.


Amy said...

Ok I did it!! Wow, it's kinda funny what you can come up with when you are put to the test!! Lots of fun!!

MiniMe Mom said...

My hubby would be super impressed with the softball story. I, however, am impressed by the PTO. Madame President it is.

Brenda said...

I did it...but I got a little wordy. Imagine!

chelle said...

I'm working on it today. It's hard to think of little known things. I, to am rather an open book. :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute picture. When are you going to post kitchen pictures? So busy with the recital that I haven't been able to swing by. Love to see them.
middle sis