Monday, April 09, 2007

No Bunny Stops Here

Paige said this on Saturday after we made Resurrection Eggs and talked about why the Easter Bunny wasn't real and why they weren't getting presents, etc. on Easter Sunday;

"Mom, I think we are making Easter a little too Christian."

I guess we are doing it right then.

"Envision the moment. God on his throne. You on earth. And between you and God, suspended between you and heaven, is Christ on his cross. Your sins have been placed on Jesus. God, who punishes sin, releases his rightful wrath on your mistakes. Jesus receives the blow. Since Christ is between you and God, you don't. The sin is punished, but you are safe - safe in the shadow of the cross.

This is what God did, but why, why would he do it? Moral duty? Heavenly obligation? Paternal requirement? No. God is required to do nothing.

The reason for the cross? God loves the world."

Max Lucado


Brenda said...

That sounds like what Emma will say once she's older...Good job Mom!! Keep Easter Real!!

Sonny said...

Way to go! There is no better holiday than Easter! Way to make it Christian!

Amy said...

No Easter bunny at our house...but there is still an Easter basket! Partly cuz I like all the candy goodies!!