Saturday, June 30, 2007

Then & Now

In an effort to recreate the past, my college buddy Amy & I tried to pose just like we did back in college. I should point out that there are some changes from picture to picture and they are as follows:
1. Itsy bitsy bikinis have turned into tankinis.
2. Some wrinkles now grace our face.
3. Children are now in the background (and usually in front) of every one of our pictures.
4. And finally, and sadly, our cleavage is a bit lower! :)


chelle said...

You gals look great! Truly. how fun to have a friendship that stands the test of time. Enjoy you time together!

Lynn said...

You still look great Laurie! I had that same JCrew polka dot bikini. I think I would probably only be able to fit one breast in it now.....

Amy said...

Like a fine bottle of red wine...we get better with age!! Yes, there are a few more winkles and a few more rolls...but we earned them baby...We'll wear them with pride!!!