Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Future Hairdresser or Just Plain Naughty?

After discovering a ball of multi-colored hair in the trash,
I questioned one of the suspects.
She broke easily and used as her defense,
"their hair was just so tangly."
I have taken to calling them "Butch Barbies."
(To all you moms who little girls have actually
cut their own hair, Barbie & I understand your pain.)


Brenda said...

LOVE IT! Kids rule!

Amy said...

I would definatly take the future hair dresser approach...I think they actually look better. Can I book an appointment for the wedding!! LOL!!

chelle said...

Even Barbie dolls need a change now and again. They look so sassy now :)

MiniMe Mom said...

Go figure...I could never bear to cut my dolls hair.

Sonny said...

AWESOME! I agree with Chelle! Sassy!

Also, in your daughter's defense, their hair does get tangly pretty quick, and it is hard to comb . . .

Dana said...

At least they have clothes on.

The barbies that live with us mostly wear their birthday suits