Saturday, June 09, 2007

Random is Good

Paige & Zoey's teachers this year were great.

I can only hope I look this good at 60.
Aren't mother-in-laws supposed to be round???? :)

Cousins are fun.
(Which is good, because our kids have 20 of them!)

Top ten reasons to blog right now:
  1. Avoid cleaning the house.
  2. Lament about my husband who is currently on a golf trip that just happens to be the same weekend as our anniversary. Happy Anniversary to me. FORE!
  3. To admit to putting down my Beth Moore Bible study to read a "spicy" book.
  4. Because this will be my last post for awhile since we are leaving for camping and I have neither the camper, the laundry, the food, or myself ready!!!!!
  5. Because if I have to referee one more silly argument between my kids, I will scream.
  6. Avoid cleaning the house. (This deserves to be said twice.)
  7. To tell you that Zoey has attended five birthday parties the past five Saturdays and I am sick of Target taking all my money. (Seriously kid, stop being so darn likeable.)
  8. To praise Paige's soccer coach who just invited every girl from the two teams he coached this spring to Chuck E. Cheese where he footed the bill for everyone. You the Man Coach.
  9. Because I need to tell someone that one of the soccer moms had a very inappropriate top on and those are not real. :) (I bet my hubby is sorry he's out of town now.)
  10. To tell you to have a great rest of your weekend.


Brenda said...

YOU CRAZY GIRL...have fun camping! I'll miss your posts (and you of course). Hurry back!

Amy said...

You crack me usual!! I hope you have a great time camping, and I too will miss your posts and your comments (since you are my official blog commenter).

Sonny said...

I can't believe Jeff left you on your anniversary weekend for a golf outing! Tisk Tisk!

Mike was gone over our 10th anniversary, but at least it was a business trip that couldn't be avoided . . . your hubby owes you big time!

Nothing a little "bling" wouldn't fix, right?

MiniMe Mom said...

You are too funny.

Should I be cleaning? I never seem to get around to that. I do not even try anymore.