Thursday, June 07, 2007

Mrs. C, aka, The Best Piano Teacher Ever

Paige had her last "Piano Party" of the year this week. That's right. You did just read the words piano and party in the same sentence. No scary, palm-sweating, high society piano recital for Mrs. C. Ruth has been the most lovely, kind, patient, gentle-hearted, warm, and encouraging piano teacher for Paige. She lives just one street over and so Paige can just walk out the back door and is at her house in minutes. Ruth also picked Paige up every week for church choir since she is the accompanist for it. Why am I telling you all this?? Because Ruth & her husband are moving to Idaho and I feel a tangible loss. Besides her being a great teacher for Paige, they also have the cutest relationship. Paige comes home late for dinner because she was chatting with Mrs. C and playing with her dog named Puck. She has never complained once about going to piano lessons because she knows she gets to see Mrs. C. I don't know about you, but I ran for the door when my piano lessons were over - usually with tears in my eyes because the metronome had once again bested me! So, thank you Ruth for being a blessing in our life and for starting Paige's "music career" out on the right track & God's blessings on what you like to call, "your next adventure".


Bradi said...

Wow, that is so neat. I too "ran for the door" after piano lessons (I'm pretty sure my teacher wasn't sad to see me leave either...I never practiced!)
So sorry you are losing her! What a blessing.

Amy said...

I sure wish my piano experience was as nice...I took 4 years and to this day can't play a lick!! I will pray that you find a new teacher that will be just as awesome!!
Hey my visit is just around the corner...are you ready? Best linen and of course the good china and silverware!! Can't wait!!