Monday, September 17, 2007

Funny Because It's All True

  1. I now know of two men who have only ever kissed their wives in their entire life. Sweet? Funny? Or just a bit sad? (By the way, I dated one in highschool. Sorry you missed out on my "wild days" in college buddy!)
  2. Today, while out for a walk with Zach, I was passed by a senior citizen also walking. (I'm sure it was the jogger stroller that was slowing me down. Right?)
  3. When Jeff used the bathroom today at work, he noticed that he had a melted dum dum sucker stuck to his boxers.
  4. During halftime of the Michigan-Notre Dame game on Saturday, my girlfriends and I decided to take the kids outside to play. When I saw a little neighbor boy (who's dad just happened to go to ND) outside too I told him I was sorry that his team was losing. (Yeah right.) To which he quickly responded, "No, Notre Dame just scored two touchdowns." What a little stinker & liar. :)
  5. When Jeff was doing a swallow study on an eighty year old woman and was feeding her applesauce laced with barium, he actually said ... wait for it ...

"Here comes some NUM NUM."


Brenda said...

my answer to your first bullet point is: if it's my husband, it's sweet. If it's anyone else's husband, it's funny AND sad.

Can't wait until November 3...UofM V. MSU!

Amy said...

Dum Dum's in the underwear...hilarious!! Passed by a senior walker...must have been the stroller!! Num Num to the elderly lady...good daddy!! Love it all!!

chelle said...

a sure sign that you have a toddler. Dum Dum suckers stuck to your underwear, or anywhere!

Bradi said...

And did he have his mouth open as the spoon traveled towards her mouth?
Oh, and where exactly was the dum-dum sucker stuck... (tee hee!)

MiniMe Mom said...

We got an obscene phone call with the Michigan fight song playing on our answering machine right during the USC game. Scandalous.

Julie said...

Hey Laurie,
Thanks for the shout out for my cake business! I appreciate it!