Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Had to be Repeated

While reading my book club buddy Bradi's blog, one of her friends commented on the rules of min-van ownership. I didn't know there were any rules ... but these ones are worth repeating!

  1. You can't - CAN'T take it out on dates.
  2. You can never drive while your husband drives shotgun. It is the ultimate un-manning of a male.
  3. You can only drive one until your kids are in upper elementary and then, you HAVE to give it up for something cooler. And you can't drive one if you're over 60.
  4. Spare your husband from ever driving it when he's alone with the kids. Remember: mini-van = mini-man.

"Remember, no one ogles a chick in a mini-van." I don't know if this comment was made by a man or woman. While I agree with almost all of your rules, I must disagree with your last comment because I look HOT in my van baby! :)


Amy said...

HOT...that doesn't even come close!! You redefine the mini-van mom!! Love Ya LP!!

Brenda Hondorp said...

I didn't comment here because I disagree w/ your anti-mini-van sentiments. I was going to keep my protest private, but you've forced me to speak.

Even though I don't drive a mini-van yet. I shall soon. Yes, I'm actually excited to become a mini-van owner.

Power To ALL mini-van owners!