Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tagged & My Dancing Girls

O.K. I've been tagged by my friend Michelle who has just told us she is preggers with #3. Congrats again Michelle. I was supposed to write down some rules but I'm a rule-breaker so it goes something like this: using your middle name initials tell something about yourself and if you don't have a middle name, make one up. My middle name is SUE. (My sister's are; Joy, Lynn, Kay, & Joan - good solid 1970's names!)

S - I'm going to have go with Sassy. Whether it's my mouth, or my general attitude towards life.

U - Unrealistic. I have some unrealistic goals like beating the clock when I'm late, getting my stomach back after having kids, being the perfect mom, wife, friend, aunt, sister, & daughter. Sheesh - that's a lot of titles & pressure.

E - Educator. I love to teach, I really do. Whether it be at home, volunteering at school, or teaching Sunday School every week. Maybe someday I should get paid for it again. A novel idea.

I tag Fabes, Brenda, and my sister Julie's new blog.


Amy said...

S-I agree with sassy!!
U-Unlike any one that I know!!
E-Erudite!! I'll make you look that one up!! Hee Hee!!

Julie said...

I do not have any friends who do blogger--I guess I have lame friends. I also not sure what tagging is :) Sorry!