Saturday, May 17, 2008

No Offense

How come kids think that if they start out a sentence with these two words, they can say anything they want to after them?

For example the girls BOTH said this to me today, No offense mom but you stink like sweat.
No offense taken girls since I just ran five miles.

Q. How come a Christian music junkie is going to see a "secular" artist tonight in concert?
A. Because I'm a good friend.
I'll give you a review on Lux Land next week. She's the wife of Brian Vander Ark (formerly of The Verve Pipe) and my friend thought she would be fun to listen to tonight. So, this surburban mom of three is going to a concert that isn't headlined by The David Crowder Band. Yep, I'll admit it's a stretch. :)


Patti said...

Thanks for going with me last night! You ARE a good friend!

Bradi said...

I love smelling sweaty! You go with your five-mile-running-self girl!!!

MiniMe Mom said...

I guess it is cuter when kids say it than adults. I have friends that still say "No offense, but...."

The worst is when they say no offense, but you look tired. What is that supposed to mean? Is that the nice way of saying you look like a MAC truck ran you over?

amy said...

I'm dying to was the concert??