Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why is it that ...

  • People circle the parking lot of the gym to find a closer spot to the building? Ummm excuse me, aren't you going in to get more exercise?
  • I get the most compliments on my hair when I do absolutely nothing to it? Seriously, I need to stop fighting (read as straightening) my natural wave. Time to ride it.
  • When my house is clean, I can find absolutely nothing? I started the pile system under my bed so now I have to dig around the dust bunnies to find papers that need to go to school. Profound Q & A from Paige, "You know what's good about a messy house? You can find everything." Amen sister, messy it is and messy it shall be. Amen.
  • Zach calls his boy parts a weenis? Is that a new compound word?
  • Zach is waking up in the middle of the night again? He told me tonight it's because his room is dark and scary 'cause we turn the sun off. (That's cute huh?)
  • I volunteer to host at-home parties? I think I'm the only woman who kinda dreads getting invited and/or hosting these things. I'm thinking I'll only clean the bathroom that is closest to the room where we will be "partying". (Sangria should also help the party atmosphere. Consider yourself forewarned Patti.)


Amy said...

You crack me up....amen amen and a double amen!! LOL!!

chelle said...

weenis. LOL!

i think i called someone that once.
not a term of endearment.

Patti said...

Sangria...yum. Good thing I can just stumble home. Get us drunk and we won't even notice if you cleaned or not. And, we'll order more stuff!

Messy house = happy house. I LOVE my pile system that is always easily accessible on my fully extended dining room table!