Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Things I've done this Week

  1. Left the sprinkler on in the same spot for approximately 7 hours.

  2. Backed the van out this morning and took out my newly planted flower pot. Shattered a styrofoam container. I didn't know styrofoam could even shatter. Had to salvage $20 worth of plants that I had just potted the day before.

  3. Tripped out of my neighbors garage while stepping down onto a step with Zach in my arms. Saved him from major injury. Hurt my knee.

  4. Got hit in the back of my leg with my husband's razor when I reached for the soap in the shower. Felt a slight sting later and realized I was bleeding.

Consider yourself forewarned. Stay away from me this week! :)


chelle said...

you're not pregnant are you?
that is a whole lot of clumsy goin' on!!

Amy said...

Sorry for the misfortune...just remember the sun will come out tomorrow!! A little Annie inspiration for ya!!

Patti said...

UGH...it can only get better from here!

Kim said...

I hope you have some good insurance!

MiniMe Mom said...

Chelle- my thoughts exactly! LOL

My old bosses neighbor left the hose on for two days accidentally, and it created a mud slide that slammed into his house. They had to tear down and rebuild. Oops! Good thing it was only 7 hours.