Friday, May 02, 2008

The Ultimate in Being Dutch

My Dutch husband called me while I was out running errands and asked if I would get the coupon for a haircut out of my van and leave it at his "salon" (I use that word loosely.) Since gas is so high, he didn't want to drive home, pick it up, and then go back across town to get his haircut.

I put in an envelope with his name and the "stylists" ( I use that term loosely too) had a good laugh. More like a huge guffaw.

Thanks honey. That was fun!


Brenda said...

Smart move if you ask me! Gas is simply outrageous!

chelle said...

gotta be Great Clips???

sketchy at best, but cheap!!

MiniMe Mom said...

We, too, are a great clips family. $4.99 coupon?

MiniMe Mom said...

I hear you are quite the avid garage saler, too.