Friday, January 26, 2007

Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom

  • I will eat sour gummy bears until my stomach hurts. (Or Sour Patch Kids until my tongue does.)
  • I bruised my tailbone yesterday while trying to be "cool" with my neice by going over a jump while sledding. My tail bone this morning is a painful reminder that I am no longer cool.
  • When Zach recently fell down while running into the library the first thing I said was, "Oh great, now you got your pants dirty." What I meant by that of course, was, "Are you o.k. buddy?" (By the way, this is a sure sign that you have been a mom for awhile.)
  • I become consumed and engrossed in any book that I read. Just finished two this week and have two others from the library that are begging me to open them up. (Best Quotes from 'Traveling Mercies' by Anne Lamott: "On my last day, I won't be drinking Diet coke. If I am, shoot me." The best two prayers she knows are, "Help me, help me, help me" and "Thank you, thank you, thank you.")
  • And finally, and most embarrassingly, when I run on the treadmill and need a burst of energy I will punch my fists in front of me and will sing the beginning of the Rocky theme song out loud! ( I wish I was kidding about this one.)


chelle said...

I finally need to leave a comment because this post made me laugh out loud! I've been lurking on your blog for awhile :) You might know of me, Dana's friend, went to good 'ol SCHS, I know your Mom--you know how it is...anywho---hello!

Brenda said...

#1 you should not be are RUNNING! #2 I'd love to kabitz w/ you about that Anne Lamont book.

Bradi said...


TeSlaa said...

You frickin crack me up! I can just envision you running on the treadmill with arms raised in victory singing the Eye of the Tiger! Love the quote about Diet Coke! That's me completely. It will probably be on my death bed though.

Amy said...

Rock on Lp!! Punch away!! I was at my gym the other day, and way up in the top floor where they send the out dated machines nobody uses anymore they had a stair master, just like the one they had at you remember having to sign up early in the morning if you wanted to work out at 5:00pm!! Gotta to love the old days!!

Dana said...

Traveling Mercies is an all time favorite.
The best part for me? The Aunties.

That book is touching and funny (tho I wouldn't use it to teach any Sunday School lessons...)

Amanda said...

So you took my recommendation and read "Traveling Mercies"? Isn't it great? Ann Lamott is the most honest Christian author I have ever read. And I would totally use it to teach Sunday School (well, maybe not Sunday School, but Youth Group). :) Also, "Eye of the Tiger" is one of my all-time favorite songs. I may have to try your technique while running the Retiro Park. (I'm sure the Spaniards will just write me off as another crazy foreigner.)