Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Game of Life

The Game of Life is a new addition to our family game collection and we play it just about every week now. Each person of the family plays it in his or her own unique way. Let me break it down for you:

  • Jeff - Still contemplating whether or not going to college will indeed get him more money, he sometimes goes and sometimes does not. He is always somewhat disgruntled with his salary and is very bitter if any of us has a higher salary. Game imitating real life? :)
  • Laurie - Wants to be the rock star or professional athlete because it sounds like more fun. The only one who buys insurance for her car (not imitating real life) and somehow ends up with all the kids. The first time we played I had six children (they didn't all fit in my car) and then I landed on 'Pay for College' for every one of your kids. Don't I have any dumb kids?
  • Paige - Has won every game we have ever played. Always ends up a millionaire. Laughs and giggles at daddy who is sulking because she makes more money than him.
  • Zoey - She lasts about 1/4 of the way through the game & then abandons her car, money, home, etc. and flops around on our laps for the rest of the game. (She is usually asking for a snack between "floppings".)
  • Zach - enjoys messing up everyone's bank.

Play a game with your family ... you'll learn so much about each other.


Amy said...

I have very similar family game experiences, however, I have three very competitive boys playing one very competitive mom!! It can get out of hand on occasion!! Still tons of fun, we've been into SKIP-BO lately.

Dana said...

We play Life too, and a good portion of our Life is spent trying to keep Jonathan from creating car crashes and earthquakes.

I remember the game being a bit more simple in my day than it is color coded salary cards or those little Life tokens. Am I imagining that?

Laurie said...

Everything was simpler back then ... and now we are officially sounding old.

Bradi said...

OMW. LOVE the LIFE game!! You just brought back some blasts from the past. Have not played it in years as Brad only likes "strategy" games...he rolls his eyes at my requests for LIFE. Can I come over next time and play with your family? =)

Michelle said...

I loved the game of LIFE as a kid! That immediately brought back a memory of sitting around a table by my parent's furnace playing with the entire family on a cold winter night. Thanks for bringing up those old memories. Unfortunately a game around our house is "Mom, hold my hands while I bounce on the ball." The time will come. I am totally a game geek, so I can't wait to form these family memories with my kids.