Saturday, January 13, 2007

Getting Organized in the New Year

No more slacking ... it's time to get organized in 2007. So, with that in mind, I headed to Costco where I developed 462 pictures dating back from January 2006. (I even printed extras for family & friends so check your mail - memories coming your way.) From Costco, I ran over to Target and picked up a new photo album and I have most of them in a book already. I am a digital camera slacker no more! Here are some of my favorites from last year.

Everything is better at Disney - even face painting. Picture to the right: Jeff getting "attacked" by birds at the St. Louis Zoo.

Oh brother, it's rough having sisters. And I guess campfires make the girls crazy.


Bradi said...

You're an inspiration. I too, should probably print out the pics I have since RG was 6 months...that are still on my computer.. EEK!
Love the pics. too cute.

Amy said...

My sister would kill me if I didn't tell you about this great program through creative is called memory manager...they also have great albums called picfolios...very cool, very easy and very fun!! Let me know if you want more info!!

TeSlaa said...

I can say the same. I was 6 months behind!