Sunday, January 21, 2007

Professional Dog Sitters?

Yes, dear blogging world, we have agreed to dog sit yet another dog. (We are trying so hard to be "dog people". We used to be... we want to be... I don't think we are.) This little toy dog is Paige's piano teacher's dog and since she is on vacation in Spain we agreed to watch this little dog named "Puck". He is a bit on the skittish side, refuses to go potty unless we walk him forever, and has had a couple of accidents in the house. If you have the "best" or "easiest" dog in the world ... think again ... they go a little nutty while away from home. (Or maybe just at our house?)


TeSlaa said...

You are good people! Be careful when you call the dog's name :)

Amy said...

What round is this?? You are either very good and patient people or very crazy and insane people...and I did live with you for a year so you know which way I lean!! ;)!!