Sunday, March 30, 2008

Do You Remember When ...?

  • You wore your hair in a short-poodle permed bob? (My sisters and I are all rockin' it!)

  • You would re-do your hair if it didn't turn out just right? I literally would stick my head under the tub's faucet, re-wet, and re-style. Now I just go with my bad hair days.
  • You could kiss your future hubby for hours? Seriously. I still marvel on the hours we wasted, ummmm, I meant spent just smooching. Now if he leans over to kiss me at night I ask, "what are you after?" ;)
  • You wore a turquoise green turtle neck dress with a purple scarf tied at your waist? Love my outfit don't ya? I like my oldest sister's pink, roman numeral sweater even better! HA!

What did you used to do that now seems ridiculous & laughable?


Kim said...

I love it! Bring me back to the

Julie said...

I love how you use a "wonderful" picture of your sisters to get you out of your slump on your blog!! That's OK--we looked awesome (that year!). You definitely get the big hair award though! Too bad perms are not in anymore---it was easy to wash, scrunch and go then! Thanks for the look back!
(middle sis)

Patti said...

HA, I remember those days! Fond memories of perms and frizz and wanting to tease it sky-high. What's truly sad is that I still have the 80s big hair going, without even trying! Although I have given up the blue eye shadow, remember that look?

Thanks for sharing and maybe your sisters will forgive you. Or perhaps they will post something even more dated and scary of you!?!

Bradi said...

OMW, that is insanely funny. Makes me want to dig up my old pics.
Okay, I have one word for you..."UNITS"!! (remember those!!?) Ugh.
Oh, and can TOTALLY remember "redoing" just my bangs cause they were overcaked with RAVE hairspray and wouldn't go just "so" about time wasted!

Amy said...

I think that is a pretty similiar look to the one you had when I met you...might have been a little shorter! We Faber girls on the other hand had the flat bowl cuts because my mom didn't like doing our hair!! Oh the joys of our childhood!!