Wednesday, March 12, 2008

That's a whole lot of Jelly Bellys

Seen at Meijers yesterday (all you folks that no longer live in the midwest can now do a collective sigh and say Meijers in an affectionate and longing tone of voice.)
Subject? Young boy, 6-7 years old, weighing a bag full of Jelly Bellys with no mom or dad in sight.
Weight? 4 lbs.
Price per pound? $7.00
Total? 28 bucks. (In case you're slow at math, I multiplied it for you.)
Boy, would I have loved to see that mom's reaction. :)


Patti said...

That's exactly why I avoid grocery shopping with my boys! My cart becomes fuller and the final bill gets more $$$$$.

Brenda said...

that sounds like something I'd do...still!

Bradi said...

A boy after my own heart...Jelly Belly's are my FAVORITE!!!!

MiniMe Mom said...

$7 per pound? I really am dutch....'cause that is stinkin ridiculous! Why are they so expensive?

Dana said...

Ahhh...jelly bellies [said in a tone of affection and longing]

Amy said...

I know you hate it...but I tagged ya, you'll have to check my blog for the heart won't be broken if ya don't do it...just bruised a little!! LOL!