Monday, March 10, 2008

Wife of the Year?

Jeff is on the far left. Man in orange.
Hubby just returned from a 4 day vacation in Park City, Utah to celebrate one of his old college buddy's bachelor weekend. This is how the conversation went a few months ago when he called from work:
Husband: What would you think if I went to Park City for Nick's bachelor weekend?
Wife: Sounds like fun. You should go.
Husband: WHAT? Who are you? I love you.
Wife: Yeah babe, I know.


Patti said...

You're a keeper.

Brenda said...

Wow, everyone wears helmets to ski now?! I suppose no one wants to end up like Sonny Bono now do they. Boy, I sure wish they had something like that for knees...back in 1990, argh!

oh, and YOU ARE SUCH a sweety yummy mummy!

Bradi said...

Wife of the Year, Mom of the must be tough keeping up with all of those titles! =)

Amanda said...

You rock!