Sunday, June 01, 2008

I Miss Wet Wipes

O.K. I have to admit that one thing I miss about having a diaper-wearing kid around the house is the easy access to wet wipes. They're in the house, in the diaper bag and maybe even in the purse. So I bought the 99 cent package at Target and I've almost used them all this weekend.

On to what is in my purse. I used to carry the smallest purse that held only my essentials - wallet, chapstick (I'm an addict), once a month something else, etc. When did I become the mom who's packing? I've got hand sanitizer, ibuprofen, chapstick (still addicted), lip gloss (let's face it, the old girl could use some shine once in awhile), Sponge Bob Square Pants band-aids, tissues, a water bottle and now wet wipes. I actually got mocked last week by a fellow mom because I was so prepared. And yet, her mockery fell flat when her daughter fell flat and she needed a Sponge Bob for each of her knees. :) So here's my two questions,

  1. When did I get so darn responsible? (Remember - I'm the baby of my family and let's just say ... the word responsible & me were rarely used in the same sentence.)

  2. Why am I embarrassed that I have a purse that's "packing"?


Julie said...

I seem to recall you mocking me about the size of my purse! I am glad to see that you are "packing" now! Don't forget Kleenex, hand sanitizer, tide stick, and the "keep my son busy" toy shoved in your purse.

Bradi said...

Girl..there's nothin wrong with "packin". I am personally proud of the luggage that I carry and am always prepared in a pinch. Dental floss? check. Granola bar? check. Water bottle? check.
Wipes & Sanitizer? check, check.
I can't even imagine carrying a dainty purse...
Wear it with pride, sister!

Sonny said...

First of all, may I just say, I thought I was the only one addicted to chapstick - I have one in my purse, one in my car, one in the kitchen, one in my bathroom and one in my office. Burt's Bees is the preferred choice, but Starburst flavored will do in a pinch.

I must also add that, though I am out of the diaper stage as well, I still keep a tube of wet wipes in my car at all times . . . I go through about 1 container every other month.

I also keep fruit snacks and granola bars in the console of my car . . . ya never know when you'll need them.

My purse also contains, crayons and a small notebook of paper, two mini magna doodles (for when Meijers gets to be too long), gum, wet ones singles, band aids, kleenex, hand sanitizer.

I agree with Bradi . . . wear that sucker with pride!

Patti said...

I cleaned out my purse the other day and found a roll of Smarties (my check-out lane distraction), 1/2 of a fat brown crayon, and a Matchbox car.

And, I'm with y'all on the lip favorite lately is Burts Bees Honey variety. YUM!