Friday, May 19, 2006

The Doggie Deal

Have you ever heard us talk about our crazy neighbor? Her name is Yoko (not the one formerly married to a Beatle) and after about three years of on & off trying to sell her house -she & her husband are finally moving next week. We affectionately call her "Yoko Loco". Well, she came out today to ask Jeff how the dog is doing and why she hasn't seen 'ole Cooper outside lately and Jeff gave her the scoop that after a very expensive and traumatic vet visit we decided to give Cooper back to the Animal Shelter. (Cooper had a pretty bad case of pneumonia, some digestive issues, and was pooping all over the house IMMEDIATELY after he would come inside from going potty.)

She (an owner of not one, but two dogs) was shocked and told Jeff she would have gladly taken him. She currently has two "taco bell dogs" that both have so many health issues she has to push them in a stroller to take a walk. Well, she caught Jeff again later today and told him she called the shelter to try and adopt him (OMW - oh my word) and found out that he has already been adopted.

We are very happy for Blaze (shelter name)/Cooper. And we are also very happy that we are getting new neighbors!

If you hear of a great family dog that is house trained (changing diapers and cleaning up puppy messes is a little more than I bargained for) - let us know!

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TeSlaa said...

That is so funny! I hope she's not moving to my neighborhood. LOL Glad to hear that Cooper has a new family. No tears. did you call Tricia about the golden?