Saturday, May 13, 2006


This is me smiling at mile #6 of the Fifth Third River Bank Run. (I am the one wearing the blue jersey, white visor, & black shorts.) I met two forty year old dads that said they were going to run about ten minute miles. I said, "Oh good, that is what I am planning on running" ... and nine miles later we were still chatting and keeping each other on pace. Thanks Harry and Doug. I will probably never see this guys again but I really owe them a huge thank you for distracting and encouraging me. They even waited (just a few minutes) after they finished to watch me cross the line and give me a hug.
The kids were waiting to see me run by while wearing their T-shirts my husband Jeff got them. The t-shirts were bright red and embroidered with these three words, Run Mom Run. Too cute. Zach gave me a huge grin when I gave him a little tickle and then he gave me a very confused look as if to say, "what the heck are you doing?" :)

At mile #9 my triathlete, brother-in-law Hugh came to run the last six and half miles with me. He ran my pace which I am sure is way slower than he is used to and also was encouraging and inspiring. He gave me five after each mile I finished and told me that some were under ten minutes. He also fired me up to sprint the last turn into the finish line. Thanks Hugh. The fact that he thought of calling me a couple weeks ago and offering to help is so thoughtful and humbling.

The race was so much fun. The camaraderie among the runners was amazing. Perfect strangers became friends through the common goal of running this 25K race. There were cheerleaders, music, tons of spectators yelling, "you go runner, great job" and little kids yelling, "run, go, run". It was so much fun I might even consider doing it again! Any joiners? (By the way, I did run the whole thing and averaged 10:30 miles and finished in 2:42 min.) Thanks for all your prayers, calls of encouragement, and good wishes. And thanks for not using this overused phrase, "YOU GO GIRL"! :)

50 yards from crossing the finish line.

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TeSlaa said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I am so proud of you. I won't be joining you next year but maybe I'll come join the fun in another way :)