Thursday, February 22, 2007

Brace Yourself

There are good shows on television that actually show teenagers choosing not to have sex. I just watched 'Friday Night Lights' on The fifteen year old daughter of the football coach tells her boyfriend she thinks it's time to have sex and then the rest of the episode features "the talk" with her mom, the mom and dad talking about it, and the teenagers deciding it was not right the time. Refreshing, heart-warming, and real. While they may not have the same Christian perspective on pre-marital sex as I do, it was moral, responsible, and definitely worth the watch. Friday Night Lights just made me a new fan.
Recently I was talking with a friend (who has kids the same ages as mine) and we were talking about when & how to have the "sex talk". What are you planning on saying to your kids?


Brenda said...

a blog with such compelling questions...Hmmmm.

In our household, the post puberty uniform will be a chastity belt...nuff said.

TeSlaa said...

Never?!? Is that an option? Just kidding. I still have no idea. God's leading is much needed!

David, Angie, Keri & Nathan said...

I love this show. Have watched it from the very beginning.. They play alot of Christian music during the show. The thing I loved is that they showed the team praying before the game. They also had prayed during the injury of Jase that the Lord would heal him. It is awesome to see that.

Michelle said...

Pretty deep stuff! I watched the show a couple of times, but I may need to become a bigger supporter. Thanks for the info!