Tuesday, February 13, 2007

What a Tease

This post is dedicated to all women everywhere who have great husbands who are no longer romantic. (Yeah, that should cover just about everyone!) As I watched a florist's van approach my house, I was intrigued, surprised, and excited. This lovely ensemble came from Kennedy's and was supposed to be delivered next door but since they weren't home, I was the lucky recepient ... until she comes home. Maybe I should just pretend it's for me if only for this afternoon since my husband said this to me yesterday, "I think I am going to keep Valentine's Day simple this year." As opposed to all the other years he has lavished me with romantic gifts? :) He honestly couldn't say that with a straight face! I am looking forward to a remodeled kitchen since his love language is "acts of service" & definitely not "gift giving". Love you babe. Happy Valentine's Day!


Bradi said...

LOL! I'm wetting my pants. Totally had that happen to me before. What a drag. =)
Sounds like our husbands have the same "love languages"...although I keep holding out for some night that I'll come home to rose petals and wine... HA HA!!!

chelle said...

I think "acts of service" is a GREAT love language! (hopefully my husband doesn't read this, he might take offense to my comment :) )
His language is "physical touch"

Bugger for me.

This does inspire me to write a blog post about the " 5 Love Languages". Stay tuned!