Sunday, February 04, 2007

It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's SUPERMOMMY!

Since I so often share my embarrassing mommy stories, I thought I would share a real-life super-mommy moment I had yesterday. My husband had to work from 8-5 and so, the kids and I had to ride out the Blizzard of '07 on our own (lame name given by the G.R. Press, not me.) We made homemade Valentine cards for their teachers and I made homemade barbeque beef sandwiches using two different recipes and whatever ingredients I could find in the house. (Turned out pretty yummy.) After I popped it in the oven to cook for a couple of hours, I went out and shoveled the entire driveway. He came home to hot meal (a rarity) and a clean driveway. Supermommmmmmy!


Amy said...

Isn't it great how life used to be all about us and now it's our families! God is Good, and we are blessed!

TeSlaa said...

You deserve a break supermom!

Brenda said...

EEESH! I'm not going to let Joel read your are far too accomplished as a SAH mom. Do you mentor? :)

chelle said...

"you go girl!"

Nope, I can't pull that one off.

Good job! A day to be proud of :)