Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ahhh ... Smell That?

After reading about smells at Steph's blog, I started thinking about all the strange smells I enjoy and some that I will miss when all my "babies" are no longer babies.

Here they are:

* A dog's paws. They remind you of something ... Fritos, Doritos?

* An indoor swimming pool. Chlorine = clean.

* Gasoline. I remember trying to open some of the windows to the van as my dad filled up our full sized van that was detailed with duct tape. (So, not kidding. Remember: He is a Christian school teacher.)

*Babies feet. When our kids were under a year, my husband and I would actually call the other parent over for a smell if it was a particularly ripe day.

* The smell of Zach's room after he just wakes up from a nap. Is it his paci breath? Is it his sweet, little boy sweat? I don't know but I know I'll miss it.

* Popcorn. Anytime, anywhere it is popped, I have an instant craving for it.

Enjoy today and don't forget to stop and smell ...


Bradi said...

OMW..the Dog Paw Doritos one!!! My girlfriends were discussing that at our last get-together...seriously have never heard of that but they all have dogs and all talked about the Dorito smell!! what a trip.

chelle said...

This post is AWESOME! My sister and I always said Dog Paws smell like corn chips. And baby feet---nothing better! (I'm glad I'm not the only weird-o out there)

Dana said...

I could eat a 12 course meal, swear up and down that I couldn't eat another bite...and then smell popcorn and eat my words (and the popcorn, too, of course)

MiniMe Mom said...

I love this post. I am going to miss that sweet baby breath sweaty smell in the morning, too.

Amy said...

Dog Paws!! You crack me up! And a big amen to the popcorn!