Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm Listening

Do you ever have moments in your spiritual walk when everything you read, study, or hear from the pulpit all coincides? While studying Acts in Community Bible Study I read this in the commentary:

"The prescence of the Holy Spirit in our lives does not automatically ensure our experiencing His power, guidance, teaching, and comfort. God does not fill a vessel that is already full. First we empty ourselves by giving our own self-centered plans to God, and then we ask Him to fill, control, and use us."

Later the study asks you to read Romans 12:1,2 and prayerfully list the ways in which your lifestyle would need to change if you took Paul's appeal (offering your body as a living sacrifice) seriously.

And then our pastor said yesterday from the pulpit that he knew of a man who every night as he prayed would ask, "How did I do at overcoming myself today?"

I have a full life ... I have a big personality ... I have a huge need for the Holy Spirit to fill me up. Am I asking & listening?


Dana said...'s got to be a conscious effort to live for Christ and look past our selves. Easier said than done, though.

TeSlaa said...

Not sure if you are saying that your personality is a hinderance to your faith? God created you to be you. He uses each of our strengths AND our weaknesses for his glory. Not saying that we don't sometimes have to give up ourselves. We most definitely need to give up our need to control our lives but He doesn't want us to give up who we are. I think you are a wonderful woman and God uses you in so many ways EVERY DAY! No doubt that the Spirit is working in you. No doubt at all. You are such a blessing to all who know you.

Laurie said...

Wow Steph. Thanks.

Amanda said...

I always feel like God is trying to tell me something (or beat me over the head) when sermons, bible studies, even magnets with Scripture verses that you read on a friend's fridge coincide. :) Hey, shallow topic now...what happened with the ring saga?

Amy said...

Today at the Christian Bookstore I walked passed a book and did a double take, it was titled "God's Power to change your life." By Rick Warren. I bought it and then came home and read your blog...I'm listening too!!

Laurie said...

Ring update for Amanda and all other parties interested: Just went to the jeweler's yesterday to try on three rings that I thought looked nice in the catalog. My mom met me there to provide a second opinion. We were both leaning towards the wider band with lots of little diamonds on front but ended up picking one out of the case that caught my eye. It is antique-looking and according to my mom "it's stunning." I will try and post a pic after it is sized. Apparently I have one body part that is petite - my ring finger! :)