Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Check this Out!

Please go to and click play to see my van. Also, while you are there check out her amazing baby gear. I've never met Minimemom (in fact, I just recently found out her first name isn't Mini, Me, or Mom) but I enjoy her blog and she has the cutest handmade baby stuff. Enjoy.


Kim said...

I checked it out - this is why I am holding out as long as possible - not to get a minivan!!

Laurie said...

I'm sure it happens to any car/SUV with a "baby on board"!

MiniMe Mom said...

I thought it was hilarious-

because it's true
Misery loves company so I am GLAD that your cars look like mine.

Thanks for the plug!! We will have to meet sometime for coffee.:-)

Brenda said...

SWEET MOTHER! That mini-van is my worst anal retentive nightmare! I grew up w/ a dad and brothers who spit-shined their cars every week...I sorta have the bug too. Are you telling me I'm in for a harsh reality??

Michelle said...

Awesome, just awesome. I am so there - although no duct tape at this point.