Sunday, March 11, 2007

Medals, Rings, & Birthdays

Zach & cousin Ross celebrating their March birthdays.
Thanks to my sister Julie for once again making the great-tasting and great-looking cake. Check out the oreo road, play trucks, and picture of Bob-the-Builder with a face that looks curiously like Zach.
Paige took home a medal for her yellow submarine that made it into the top 16 racers. (46 Pinewood derby cars competed this year and Jeff deserves a pat on his daddy back.)

The new ring. It was hard to take a pic of it. It is antique looking, white gold, with one round diamond in the middle surrounded by a circle of diamonds and small diamonds on the band. I love it and feel like I just got engaged again!


Amy said...

Ok, I officially feel that really Ross with facial hair! He was just a baby when were in collage!! WOW! Kudos to Jeff and Paige the car the great and the ring ain't to shabby either!!

MiniMe Mom said...

I love derby cars. My favorite one I made was a shaped like a bottle of Aqua Net hairspray. Did not win a thing. I am sure it is stuffed in a closet somewere as I could never bear to part with it.

Beatiful Ring!

Amanda said...

Love the ring. There should be a warning for the cake pic (some of us don't eat sugar). :( I'm so glad the Pinewood Derby has been opened up to women...I was always jealous of my brothers in Cadets. We Calvinettes got to have makeovers! Woo hoo! (sarcasm for those of you who don't know me)

TeSlaa said...

It looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see it in person!