Friday, March 16, 2007

It's Spring and time for ...

Caramel Frappuccino's from Starbucks.

Surveying the lawn and damage from moles.
(Shouldn't they freeze like everything else does in winter?)
It feels like Spring has finally sprung here in Michigan. I always thought fall was my favorite season but since it is followed by winter and this winter was painfully long, cold, and snowy, I think I may have a new favorite! Here are a few things my kids have said lately for you to enjoy and ponder over the weekend.
"Stupid head. Stupid head. Stupid head." (Said by Zach, who took three years to really start talking and is now trying to catch up by learning some choice insults.)
"My pachina is cold." (Said by Paige & Zoey after getting out of the shower and yes, they mean vagina. Their father thought it was time they learned the correct terminology. I thought "bottom" was just fine!)


Amy said...

Well, I really like to see pictures of your family...but I guess a picture of a starbucks drink will do...J/K!! Sounds like the spring bug has hit Michigan, we are currently still a little rainy and gloomy!! Here's to spring and the on coming summer and college reunion visit!! Yeah, just a round the corner!! Oh, how are your brackets holding up!?!

TeSlaa said...

Too funny. Love the stupid head!

Bradi said...

I hate cold pachinas...LOL!!!!!!!
But I LOVE Starbucks Frappacinos! Y-U-M!