Friday, November 02, 2007

Another Place by Paige Guikema, age 8

Glimmering snow at a tippy top of a moutin. Pinetrees glissen with doo when the ice rink is so slippery you could fall with one step. Blue and white mountins everywhere some in the distence and some not. Craving a snowy cave I find a littel fawn prancing away. Seeming its getting black the cold dark moon peers through the clouds. Darker and darker the night gets.

Trying to find my way then I see a tiny light a small littel laturn. As I grab one of the laturns I hear a howl like a wolf. Looking up to the moon I see a shadow of a wolf. Running back to the cave I try to make a fire. No use. Trying to get warmed up by a laturn is not easy. Cold night passes quickley. Drop of sunlight fills the morning sky. Peachy colers everywhere. I crawl out of the lump of snow I was sleeping on. Snow falling down my boots. Thats what can happen in another place.

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