Sunday, November 25, 2007

What I'm Thankful For by Paige

The thing that I'm most thankful for is my family because my brother and sister play with me and my parents care for me. Also I'm thankful for my family because they do the best for me. Zoey is usually always there because she is almost everywhere I go. (NICE!) Zach is the one that makes my life crazy. (MINE TOO!) Mom and Dad are always taking me to cool stuff. That's what I am thankful for most.

Paige just asked me if she was a "fashion girl" after a friend told her that her boots were fake Uggs (like I'm going to spend $100 on boots she is going to outgrow in a year ---please little girlie. And we weren't trying to get fake Uggs because ... proving just how fashionable we truly are ... we didn't even know what Uggs were! LOL!) I answered Paige's question by saying, "No, not really but either am I." She said she was glad that she didn't care about always having to wear the latest trends and styles. (I hope she keeps this kind of self-confidence as she grows older.) She obviously has adopted my shopping style. If you can't buy a bag of potato chips in the next aisle over, forget about ever getting new clothes! :) Cheers to Costco & Target.


Patti said...

UGG is early they start with the whole fashion stuff! I assume I won't have to deal with that since I have boys, right?

Paige, I'm thankful for you, and your self-confident personality!

Amy said...

You tell Paige that target IS Fashion forward....go target!! I think that you can give yourself a pat on the back...sounds like that little girl already has a great head on her shoulders!! Good Job Parents!!