Saturday, November 03, 2007

Man Rules

#1 Man Rule: If you help out around the house all day, you can watch the entire U of M game guilt free and uninterrupted.

How do I know about these man rules? Today my husband has emptied and filled the dishwasher, vacuumed the house, picked up the leaves, and washed my van ALL without being asked. Enjoy the game hon, you earned it! :)

Go Blue!

And to Mr. Mario Manningham with your gravity-defying, game-winning, touch down catch ... I raise my glass --- of Diet Coke. :)


Brenda said...

ya, UofM might have a chance now that MSU's mojo has been jilted by the horrifying loss of their basketball team to GVSU last night!!

Patti said...

Totally with ya on the ole hubby being helpful and then getting to watch the game. The yard looks great but when do I EVER sit uninterrupted for 4 straight hours?

Were you able to hear him yelling at the TV? In spite of the loss...GO GREEN!

Amy said...

Well you are spouse watches all the games and doesn't feel the need to earn it!! Enjoy it!!

Dana said...

That was a FANTASTIC catch. Go Blue!

MiniMe Mom said...

That was so nice of him. Tell him I will make that trade anytime if he wants to clean my house.

Can't be a Wolverine or Spartan fan just yet. Trojan's still have my hubby's heart around here.