Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Being 3 can be tough!

This little boy can be both highly amusing and annoying. And sometimes he can be both at the same time. He has developed a very loud, piercing scream that he likes to use in the car and out and about at stores and restaurants. It's fun. If I had a digital video camera instead of our archaic one, I would share a little sample of it with you. I just need to remember that he will outgrow this current defiance and short temper. Right? I do want to share some of Zachary Eli's more amusing moments too.
  • He likes to chant this in the car, "Hey, hey what's that sound? Michigan State is in the ground!" That one is for you two Brenda & Patti. :)
  • He starts most stories with, "Once upon a time ..." And most of what follows could never be considered either a fairy tale, or even a good story. Like the other day he said, "Once upon a time --- Zoey had diarrhea and you had to clean the toilet." Beautiful Zach!
  • He made his preschool teacher lift him up to my car window to get a goodbye kiss from me (on the lips of course) when I dropped him off in the carpool line in front of his entire class. Do you think he'll still do this when I drop him off at his high school? ;)
  • And this last one shows just how much I enable my little boy. He stands at the toilet and waits for me to lift the lid and pull down his pants before he goes. I must really love this kid.


chelle said...

I love that photo! It says (in a whiny voice of course) "Pick me up!, Pick me up! I weigh almost 40 lbs. but I want you to carrrrry meeee!"

3 year olds are something else!

Brenda said...

as long as you don't do the last one for're o.k. in my book!

Amy said...

I love that little guy!! There really is something about can't put it into words, but you just want to squeeze him up!! Very cute!!

Patti said...

Next time I babysit Zach, I'll teach him another chant, since you are probably sick of that one by now. How about I watch him tomorrow for you? Need to run some errands, huh? Go get a coffee and relax at Beaners. When you get back he'll be reprogrammed, no problemo!

MiniMe Mom said...

I love the once upon a time story. Hilarious.

I do the same thing for Kayden- the last part that is.